Friday, October 24, 2014

Pista Green Granite

Granite is a renowned igneous rock with fabulous grainy touch. It comes in several different colors including red, pink, white, green and grey colors. The grainy marks are visible all over the rock and make it different from other types of marbles. It is the most common rock produced from the dissolved or molten state of the minerals that found at earth’s surface. Its pista green color gives everyone’s eyes a soothing and relaxing feel. People love to place this marble in their home because of its attractive green color and unique textures on its surface that fascinates everyone’s eyes.
The pista green marble is a classic Indian marble that is available in blocks, slabs and tiles finishes. It can be used for all interior and exterior, residential and commercial applications. Due to the classic beauty and durability of pista green marble, it is the most advantageous countertop surface in the market place. These marble slabs are mainly used for flooring, paving, table tops, wall claddings and several other functions. Try this marvelous pista green marble at your home to give it a unique and appealing look for lifetime.

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