Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marble vs Granite

1. Classification:-

Marble shall be classified as  white and colored categories.
Granite shall be classified only colored categories.

2.Chemical composition (Granite Vs Marble) :-

Granite Chemical Composition

Marble Chemical Composition

3.Figuration  (Granite Vs Marble) :-

Granite is a variety of spotted colors which has a spot of different different colors and rounded patches.So the flooring of granite is many different-different color plain designs.
Granite vs marble

Marble is a variety of different different colors which has a plain,lines,spotted,similar lines,cross line and many other shape .so the flooring  of marble is many different - different shaped  designs. 
Marble vs Granite

4.Cost (Granite Vs Marble) :-

The marble are cheap compare to granite in India. Marble starting price is 25 rupees per square feet(Pink marble,sawar marble and other).Other Granite starting price is 50 rupees per square feet (Rosy pink,sadar ali granite).

5.Maintenance (Granite Vs Marble) :-

The granite are less maintenance compare to marble.because the granite background are mostly colorful,spotted color patterns .In marble the white marble needs more maintenance .But other color such as (green,pink,yellow,red,beige and other) are less maintenance marble.

6.Durable (Granite Vs Marble) :-

Granite is more durable and marble is less durable than granite.Because Granite chemical composition have Iron Oxide ( FeO, Fe2O3 ) . And the Iron factor made it hard and strong.
So the granite is more durable than marble.
Granite is more durable. So it suitable for kitchen counter-top and ladder(Step) more traffic area (Theater, shopping mall ).

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