Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Katni Marble

Black Katni Marble background colors purple with dark black cross line and other some different-different size and shape block,slab . It comes in several different colors including red, pink colors. People love to place this marble in their home because of its attractive black and red color and unique textures on its surface that fascinates everyone’s eyes.
The black katni marble is a classic Indian marble that is available in blocks, slabs and tiles finishes. It can be used for all interior purpose and exterior purpose, residential and commercial apartments. Due to the strong chemical structure  and durability of black katni marble, it is the most advantageous counter top surface in the market place. These marble slabs are mainly used for flooring, paving, table tops, wall cladding and several other functions. Try this marvelous color katni marble at your home to give it a some different look for future time.
Black katni slab

Black katni slab

Black katni diamond slab

Red color katni

Red Katni slab

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