Thursday, July 26, 2012

ASPUR and AMBAJI Maarble

ASPUR Marble - light black in colour
ASPUR Marble:

Aspur is a village in the District of Dungarpur, Rajasthan. This district is  a house of Marble Mines. Widely marble  from Dungarpur is renowned by ASPUR Marble

Information:In general the ASPUR Marble is of light black in colour and it also quite popular due to black lines which make it bright and highly finished that make it a rare quality. White foreground makes ASPUR Marble a unique quality. After rubbing and glazed polished it looks very attractive and enrich our living environment. 


The cost/price of ASPUR marble ranges from Rs. 30/square feet to Rs. 50/square feet (Cost is Indian Rupees). Although it varies from one slab to another and also on size, quality and matching of lines and figures. 


Ambaji Marble

AMBAJI Marble:
Marble from AMBAJI (Banaskantha district in the state of GujaratIndia) is of white in colour and also known for AMBAJI Marble.

Backgroud: While and black-with shades 
Ambhaji  marble is also a world fame quality since it matches to World Class Makrana Marble. 

After flooring and glazed polished Ambhaji Marble looks of Makrana white Marble. The available photograph is not pure in white although it belongs from Ambagi Marble. Some of other Photograph of Ambagi Marble are shown below.  

Cost of Ambaji Marble varies from Rs. 30 to Rs. 150/square feet. 


Andhai Marble

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