Monday, June 11, 2012

Rosy Pink Granite

Rosy Pink Granite :-

  The term "Granite" is derived from latin word "Granum" meaning "grain" because of its granular nature. Rajasthan is well known since time immemorial for its building and dimensional stones like Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Slate etc. Recently granite has also been added to this list. Granite occupies a prominent place among dimensional stones on account of its hardness, durability, capability to take mirror polish and fascinating colours. As such the use of granite has increased many fold as dimensional and decorative stone all over the world and this has created a good export market for Indian Granite.
Granite has a 95% share in India's dimensional stone export. The export of high value added items like tiles, polished slabs and monument stones has increased by over 50% average growth

Rosy Pink Granite
Rosy pink granite is very popular and cheapest in rajasthan granite's.Rosy Pink granite price between 50-65 rupees in per square feet.Rosy pink Granite is very popular in Indian granite.

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